We are an organized entity that share the same passion & love for Electronic Dance Music as you do! We are dedicated to providing our fellow ravers the best shows possible that they will remember for years to come. Our goal is to set a whole new standard with our shows and leave an unforgettable impact on our local EDM community. 


What does it mean to be MAXD OUT?

Have you ever had a day where you felt nothing could go wrong? A day where you felt unstoppable…you're the highest you ever felt & nothing could bring you down? That’s what we want you to experience when you come to a MAXD OUT show.  
Imagine yourself at a show…The lights are bright and colorful hovering all over the crowd. You can just feel the music & bass pump throughout your body and all of the DJ’s that have been playing tonight have been absolutely killing it. Then, the headliner gets on and takes things to a whole other level. 
He opens up with a track that has a drop that gets everyone jumping even higher than they were to the last DJS! Then just as you thought the first drop was as epic as it could get, the next song he plays just made you some how completely forget the first track! 
The hot tracks keep on coming, with an even better track than the first, and even better track before that. Not only you, but the crowd is now even more hyped than you could have ever imagined! Everyone is dancing, shouting, and hypnotized to the DJ’s sounds. 
You stop and take a moment to look at everyone around you. It is so packed you couldn’t take two steps if you wanted to. You notice the crowd is in the same state of euphoria as you are. Not a care in the world, just living in the moment having the time of their life lost in the music, as if life were complete. You stop and think to yourself

"This is the perfect show" 

This is what being MAXD OUT means